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Psychotherapy for Children, Teens, and Families

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Adults - Individual Therapy

Adults may encounter many challenges throughout their lives, related to relationships, work, family of origin issues, setting boundaries, self-esteem, break-ups/divorce, grief and loss, aging parents, financial issues, or chronic illness. We can provide support around all of these issues. We also enjoy helping adults through transitions to help with making decisions around cohabitation, engagement, marriage, divorce, parenthood, changing jobs or careers, and planning a move or geographic relocation.

Young Professionals - Individual Therapy
After graduation from college, many young professionals flock to a city like Washington, DC to begin their professional careers. We enjoy helping young professionals adjust to the demands of a new job, career, and lifestyle, in the major metropolitan area of Washington, DC. You may feel as though you are getting lost in the crowd, but we can help you to navigate the workplace, relationships, and the many other challenges of newly-found independence. Just steps from the Tenleytown/AU Red Line metro stop, we are a convenient stop on your way to work if you reside in Montgomery County or Upper NW DC, or a stop on your way home from working in Downtown DC.
College and University Students - Individual Therapy
College life presents many challenges: fitting in with new friends, finding your independence, and navigating a new campus, new city, and new social scene! If you are a college student who also struggles with depression or anxiety, college life can be a very difficult adjustment. Our trained therapists are here to help you to overcome any challenges you face, to achieve success in your academic and social life. Located right next to an American University shuttle stop, we are conveniently located very close to the American University campus.

Group Therapy and Support Groups

Sometimes group therapy can be a complement to individual therapy, as you will connect with others who are on a similar journey of healing. Periodically we offer groups to our clients. Recent groups have been for women facing transitions in their lives, and a teen girls journaling and reflection group.

Please see our current group offerings HERE.